Getting Labor
Management Right.

Striking The Balance.

We’ve created a labor solution flexible enough to meet a wide range of production needs, yet proficient enough to maintain our incredibly high quality standards.

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Production Labor That Breaks Into Tiers.

Mission critical employees
Core team employees
Agile, flexible employees

The Workforce That Works.

Coregistics takes a proven, packaging-centric, tiered approach to labor management. Here’s how it works:

Tier One–Permanent, mission-critical employees are highly trained in quality assurance, inventory or material handling positions. They really know the meaning of quality control, good manufacturing practices and lean manufacturing.

Tier Two–Core team employees receive higher wages and more extensive training. When project volume declines, these are the last people to be pulled from a project and the first to return when volume dictates.

Tier Three–Agile, flexible employees receive daily Coregistics-specific training and flex up and down daily to meet specific customer needs.

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