Operation: Cost Savings

A Global CPG was encumbered with slow and expensive retail customization.

The Problem

A Global CPG was encumbered with a slow and expensive retail customization process due to the extreme seasonality of their product lines. Forcing hundreds of thousands of spring and summer seasonal displays through their already congested supply chain was taxing the customer’s internal resources. They were wasting millions on developing and managing unnecessary nodes. As a result, it was proving impossible for the customer to ensure that these seasonal displays reached their retail destinations on time. Recognizing the inefficiencies in the process, Coregistics developed an innovative and significantly more efficient customization supply chain solution.

The Solution

  • Consolidated a 190k sq. ft. customer facility into Coregistics space
  • Removed customer distractions associated with “non-core” tasks:
        – New product launches
        – Seasonal marketing promotions
        – Channel-specific packaging requirements
  • Worked directly in customer’s WMS & ERP system
  • Decreased material spend
  • Improved specific logistics initiatives

The Result

Speed to Market
For products with an extremely tight retail delivery deadline, Coregistics improved the Global CPG’s speed to market by two full weeks.

Cost Savings
By assuming control of a larger piece of the process, Coregistics was able to assist the Global CPG in reducing cost at every stage in the supply chain.



Distribution center consolidation $400,000
Internal distraction elimination $500,000
SAP Access $250,000
Packaging redesign $200,000
Turnkey material procurement $150,000
Inbound freight savings $200,000
Volume discount $500,000
= $2,200,000

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