Coregistics Adds Liquid Sachet Filling to Co-Pack Capabilities

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Horizontal form/fill/seal and volumetric delivery systems are key; sachet sizes from less than 2 inches to more than 13 inches, and widths to 5.5 inches.

By Bob Sperber, Editor, Contract Packaging

This week, Atlanta-based co-packer and supply chain services Coregistics announced new liquid filling capability for sachet packaging, complementing its primary packaging offerings. Sachets, the company reports, is increasingly popular for liquids, creams and gels, particularly for small quantity applications including product samples and single dose/single use configurations for food, beverage, household, pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetics customers. The new capability is featured in a video at the company’s website.

Key machinery facilitating the offering include horizontal form/fill/seal and volumetric delivery systems. These are is part of a process that begins with tanker truck handling/unloading, pumping and liquid/gel storing. Once the liquid or gel is delivered to the highly-automated sachet line, the machine, which uses laminated film on a roll, forms the bottom of the sachet pouch and heat seals the sides to create the individual sachets. The system then dispenses and product and seals the top to create the final package.

Sachet sizes range in length from less than 2 inches to more than 13 inches, and widths to 5.5 inches. Format options include stand-up or gusseted sachets, die cut shapes and a variety of hole punches. Additionally, sealing options include easy-open, directional pour spouts and re-closable zipper-type seals.

“For many of our customers, this format is replacing the traditional sample bottle or container,” said Eric Wilhelm, CEO, citing the format’s elimination of higher-cost and bulkier bottles for significant reductions in material costs, storage space and carbon footprint. This, in turn, leads to supply chain node reduction, he added, noting a belief that “the real value of this approach lies in the impact these sachets make on the consumer. Forward-thinking brands are using sachets in new and ingenious ways to enhance the consumer experience.”

Coregistics refers to its role as being a “packaging-centric supply chain services company” offering packaging design and material sourcing to customization and distribution. The company operates six locations in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, Ohio and Tennessee and additional embedded operations and capabilities elsewhere.