IAM Completes Acquisition of Market Resource Packaging

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Wilpak Founder Brings Additional Industry Expertise To Established Supply Chain Services Company

Greg Rose
Market Resource Packaging

ATLANTA, GA – APRIL 18TH, 2012 – IAM Acquisition, an Atlanta-based holding company that invests in supply chain services, today announced the completion of its acquisition of Market Resource Packaging, a supply chain services company that provides unique primary and secondary packaging and logistics solutions.

The acquisition combines Market Resource Packaging’s 20-plus years of successful customer service with the proven industry expertise of the IAM Acquisition team, led by former Wilpak founder Eric Wilhelm.

“Market Resource Packaging has a long history of delivering innovative solutions to some of the largest, most respected companies in the world and the completion of this acquisition represents our team’s combined commitment to our customers,” said Eric Wilhelm, IAM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Market Resource Packaging. “Our goal is to further enhance the solid platform that Market Resource Packaging has established by introducing additional resources, proven processes and a solid approach to business intelligence that will further enhance our customers’ ability to drive revenue.”

Market Resource Packaging is one of the nation’s most seasoned Contact Packaging companies, offering customers in Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical, Health & Beauty Aid, Food, Electronics and Automotive a high-volume, time-sensitive solution that includes design, manufacturing, packaging, warehousing and distribution. The company relies on four strategic locations throughout the United States, as well as a number of client-embedded operations to successfully tailor the delivery of these services to the specific needs of individual customers.

“Our customers trust us with their most complex and critical packaging initiatives. We define this ability to increase our customers’ logistical and operational efficiency while significantly reducing their total packaging costs as a ‘Simply Perfect’ solution,” said Joe Jaruszewski, President and Cofounder of Market Resource Packaging. “The completion of this acquisition is a significant milestone in Market Resource Packaging’s continued development, but it is just the first in a number of exciting announcements in the coming weeks that will further illuminate our commitment to delivering these ‘Simply Perfect’ solutions to our customers.”

In 1994, Wilhelm founded Wilpak, Inc., a Contract Packaging company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Over the next twelve years, Wihelm grew revenue and profits consistently, solidifying Wilpak’s position as an industry benchmark with more than 600 employees and one million square feet of manufacturing and logistics space. In 2006, Wilhelm merged Wilpak with The Jacobson Companies to create JacobsonWilpak, a fully integrated supply chain solution, which was ultimately absorbed by the Jacobson Companies in 2007.

About IAM Acquisition, LLC

IAM Acquisition is an Atlanta-based, privately held, diversified holding company that acquires and cultivates businesses across a wide range of industries. The unifying focus is on the continued development of a unique “customer experience” that differentiates each IAM Acquisition company from its competition, regardless of the market segment or sector. Once successfully established, it is this customer-centric approach that ultimately positions each IAM Acquisition entity as a category killer. The IAM Acquisition portfolio includes investments in supply chain solutions, information technology and powersports.

About Market Resource Packaging

Market Resource Packaging is a supply chain services company that provides unique primary and secondary packaging and logistics solutions. From design and manufacturing to reconfiguration and distribution, Market Resource Packaging delivers the right combination of the services customers need to successfully bring their products to retail. The company’s commitment to delivering “Simply Perfect” customer solutions extends into every facet of the operation as it strives to provide both the workforce and the business intelligence customers rely on to remain successful in this competitive market. With four strategic locations in Cranbury (New Jersey), Atlanta, Memphis and Indianapolis, as well as client embed operations and capabilities nationwide, Market Resource Packaging has the agility and scalability to meet the growing demands of a constantly changing industry. Visit www.mrppackaging.com to learn more.